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3 Summer Interior Design Trends for 2018 April 30, 2018

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3 Summer Interior Design Trends for 2018, Fairbanks, Alaska

With summer on its way, many homeowners are updating their interior design for the season. However, it’s often difficult to find the right inspiration for the pieces you should add to your space. Thankfully, the professionals from the Fairbanks, AK, area’s leading furniture storeHouse of Kustom — are here to help. Below, these home furniture experts share a guide to this year’s top trends.

Furniture Store’s Guide to This Season’s Hottest Interior Design Trends

1. Jewel Tones

Dark and bold colors are this year’s top choice for homeowners across the country. If you want to upgrade your space, switch out neutral colors for deep violets, greens, and blues. These shades are invigorating and make a bold statement within the home. To truly embrace this trend, consider velvet sofas, throw pillows, and other versatile pieces.

2. Wooden Tables

furniture storeAnother trendy way to enhance your home is adding a large wooden dining table. During the summer season, many families host cookouts and other parties. A large, solid-wood table can provide both an intriguing focal point and a functional place to put food. The piece will offer a feeling of togetherness and warmth, making it the perfect place for family dinners.

3. Bold Storage

Consider storage options that are bold and stylish rather than just plain practical. Versatile pieces can be used throughout the home, including closets, dining rooms, and hallways. When you need high-end organization options to put your storage needs and style together, consider solid-wood tables with shelving underneath or staggered shelving.

When you want to upgrade your home decor, visit the experts at House of Kustom. Serving the Fairbanks community since 1972, this furniture store always keeps a wide array of today’s finest selections in stock. They even provide free delivery services within a 25-mile radius. If you have any questions, reach out to a team member by calling (907) 456-5321. Visit the furniture store’s website to view their inventory.  

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