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How to Choose the Right Oil at Your Next Oil Change April 30, 2018

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How to Choose the Right Oil at Your Next Oil Change, Meriden, Connecticut

When that oil change indicator lights up on your dashboard, you know that it’s time to take your vehicle to SAFE Auto Service in Meriden, CT. They will handle the complete oil change for you, but you need to be prepared when they ask you what type of motor oil you’d like. There are many types of oil available, and it’s important to choose the one that is best for your engine.

A Guide to Picking the Right Oil for Your Oil Change

Why There are Several Types of Oil

Oil serves an important purpose in the engine: It lubricates the quickly moving parts, cleans out dirt, and distributes heat to keep the engine from overheating. Certain models of cars require unique oil properties, which can be adjusted with a range of additives. The weather you are driving in also determines the ideal viscosity of your oil, as this will impact how well it functions in extreme temperatures. There’s a lot of specialized oil out there for older cars, high-tech engines, heavy-duty vehicles, and cold weather driving. For example, a higher-mileage vehicle benefits from specially formulated oil that is designed with seal conditioners to prevent wear and higher viscosity to handle the larger spaces that have grown between parts.

How to Know Your Type

oil changeStart by checking your vehicle’s owner manual; these will have a recommendation for oil weight. You can then consider other factors that may impact the oil you want, such as what the expected weather is in the next few months, what you plan to do with your car, and how old it is. You can ask your mechanic what they recommend based on your specific vehicle. No matter what they recommend, be sure to ask for an oil that has been approved by the American Petroleum Institute.

Ken Gagne and the team at SAFE Auto Service can help you select the right motor oil for your needs when you get your next oil change. Their auto repair shop has served the area for more than 35 years, and their trusted team is fully certified. In addition to oil changes, they offer complete services to keep your car in top condition, from a tuneup to brake repair and replacement. Contact them at (203) 237-4311 to schedule your service.

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