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3 Ways to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis April 30, 2018

Midtown East, Manhattan
3 Ways to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis, Manhattan, New York

Deep vein thrombosis, commonly known as blood clots in leg veins, affects roughly 900,000 Americans every year. To avoid hospitalization or worse as a result of DVT, it’s important for all individuals, particularly those over the age of 60, to focus on prevention techniques and on-going vein care. If you’ve experienced leg pain in the past or you’re at risk for blood clots, here are three ways to reduce that likelihood and improve your overall quality of life. 

3 Essential Vein Care Tips for DVT

1. Weight Management

Patients that are overweight or obese put additional pressure on their veins, which increases the odds of suffering from a blood clot. Reconsider your diet to keep your body in better shape and reduce this strain. For example, consume iron-rich foods, such as wholegrain cereals and fish, to improve hemoglobin production, and include more garlic in your meals to lower your blood pressure.

2. Stay Active

Vein CareHealthy blood flow helps prevent clotting, and staying active stimulates your circulation. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, get up and walk around every four hours. Consider standing at your desk more often, and take up jogging or walking a few times a week to maximize your body’s ability to take in and use oxygen.

3. Maintain a Close Relationship With Your Physician

If you notice leg pain or increased varicose veins, consult a medical professional to ensure you’re healthy. DVT is often a risk related to other ailments or conditions, such as cancer, bowel disease, heart failure, or even pregnancy, so it’s important to discuss your symptoms and concerns with a vein care professional. 


If you call New York home, Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan can help you with on-going vein care. Whether you’re experiencing acute vein pain for the first time or you’re interested in varicose vein treatment, Dr. Lev and his team of health care professionals will provide quality care. Call them toll-free today at 888.356.VEIN (8346) to schedule an appointment and visit their website to learn more about this top-notch doctor, proudly certified by The American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. 

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