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3 Heating & Cooling Tips to Make Your Home an Allergy Haven April 30, 2018

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3 Heating & Cooling Tips to Make Your Home an Allergy Haven, Coweta, Oklahoma

Most homeowners assume that HVAC service and air conditioner maintenance is only required when their appliances fail to produce the right temperature; however, what they may not realize is that their furnace, AC, ducts, and vents also play a major role in the clarity of their indoor air. During allergy season, a poorly-maintained heating and cooling system can cause allergens like dust and pollen to spread around your home, wreaking havoc on the lungs of anyone with respiratory issues; so, proper cleaning is vital.

3 Ways to Keep Your Heating & Cooling System Clean 

1. Clean Your Ducts

Your HVAC system uses a series of ducts and vents to deliver air to each area of your home. Over time, these ducts will begin to collect dust, debris, pollen, and dander that spreads when you turn on the unit. To avoid direct exposure to airborne irritants, enlist duct cleaning services before allergy season hits. 

2. Wash Clothes & Hands Frequently

heating and coolingWhen you go outside, you’re likely to unknowingly attract pollen, pet hair, dander, and mold spores that stick to your clothes and hands. While the particles you bring back indoors may be tiny, they can add up quickly, creating a concentration of allergens. By washing your clothes and hands frequently, and as soon as you come inside, you can eliminate the risk of delivering outdoor irritants to your family.

3. Reduce Pet Dander

Pet owners know that their furry friends can bring in a great deal of dander after a day spent outside. If your dog has spent the day rolling in the grass, swimming in a nearby pond, or lounging in the sun, they have probably collected various allergens in their hair, which they will transport inside. Wash your pets frequently to minimize the risk of introducing harsh irritants. Frequent vent cleaning will also help remove pet hair, which is a separate but equally inflammatory allergen. 


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