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5 Essentials to Pack for a Charter Bus Trip to Atlantic City April 27, 2018

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5 Essentials to Pack for a Charter Bus Trip to Atlantic City, Taunton, Massachusetts

Atlantic City, NJ, is well-known for its nightlife, from casinos to its iconic boardwalk. It’s a great place to visit if you’re thinking of taking a trip with friends, especially if you’re planning on using a charter bus service. Bus transportation is much less expensive than plane tickets, and luxury services like Bloom Tour and Charter Services often include overnight accommodations for multi-day tours. If you book your tour online, all you’ll have left to do is get packing!

What to Pack for a Charter Bus Trip to Atlantic City

1. Clothes for Travel & Going Out

Packing for a charter bus tour to Atlantic City requires two types of clothes: comfortable clothes for the bus ride there and back and stylish outfits for a night on the town. Since your trip will probably be a multi-day tour, pack a few options for your stay.

2. Your Favorite Snacks 

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Atlantic City, but you should still pack some snacks in case you get peckish on the way. A bag of almonds or some carrot sticks and hummus are both good ideas.

3. Dice & a Deck of Cards

charter busWhen you finally make it to the beach, you’ll want to go straight to playing the casinos. Bring a deck of cards or some dice on the bus ride to make sure that you know how to play the casino games ahead of time. If you’re just learning to play or unsure of the rules, bring a rulebook along or search for the rules using a smartphone.

4. A Camera

Although most phones nowadays have cameras that put digital iterations to shame, it doesn’t hurt to bring a separate camera with you. Smartphone cameras tend to drain your battery, and there won’t be anywhere to charge your phone on the boardwalk.

5. Entertainment for the Trip

Atlantic City boasts some of the best entertainment and nightlife on the East Coast, but you’ll still need something to keep you busy on the bus. Most charter bus transportation services will show a movie during the trip, but it’s wise to bring a book or handheld video game along for the trip. Better to bring it and not need it than need it and not have it!

Enlisting a charter bus for transportation services will ensure your trip is fun and convenient. If you want to book a deluxe bus tour to Atlantic City with included overnight accommodations and a luxury casino package, look no further than Bloom Tour and Charter Services. For help planning your next vacation, call (800) 323-3009 today. If you’d rather book online, visit their website for tour dates and registration.

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