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Celebrating 30 Blue Ribbon Award Winning Pies April 27, 2018

Oconto, Oconto
 Celebrating 30 Blue Ribbon Award Winning Pies, Oconto, Wisconsin

A slice of homemade pie is an authentic piece of Americana. Wayne’s Family Restaurant in Oconto, WI, is known for their award-winning pies, each of which is hand-crafted by their expert baker, Caroline. This family-owned local restaurant is proud to announce that Caroline has won yet another three blue ribbons at the 2018 National Pie Championships. To date, they’ve now won a total of 30 blue ribbons for these delectable desserts. 

award winning piesThe American Pie Council (APC) is the authority on pie in North America. The organization hosts the National Pie Championship in Orlando, FL, every year. The event attracts amateurs, professionals, and commercial pie companies throughout the United States and Canada. Since 1995, the APC and their yearly event have set the standard for pie-making at all levels. Bakers from beginning to advanced compete for an amateur, professional, or commercial title. Judges with discerning tastes and years of experience evaluate each slice based on a variety of factors, including taste, texture, and creativity. Hundreds of bakers compete each year, but only a handful are fortunate and skilled enough to earn a ribbon. 

Receiving an award-winning pie ribbon is a prestigious award and honor for the individual, as well as the company or establishment they represent. Caroline has proudly served Wayne’s Family Restaurant in this competition for the past several years. In addition to displaying her talents as a baker, her wins are also reflective of Wayne’s Family Restaurant’s emphasis on encouraging and supporting the staff in continued professional growth and development. Each team member is a part of the family, and an employee’s success is a success for the restaurant. 

This year, Caroline won awards for her Cranberry Yummy Pie, Butterscotch Pie, and Strawberry Surprise Pie. Every day, patrons can find a broad range of 25 to 30 irresistible pies on the menu. It’s no wonder people come from all over the country to have a taste of these delicious desserts! Whether you’re a Wisconsin native or just passing through, you don’t want to miss out on a slice of Caroline’s award-winning pie. While you’re there, you can also try the restaurant’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner dishes, all of which are acclaimed by locals and tourists alike. Call (920) 835-4262 to make a reservation or visit their website to see the menu. 

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