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5 Examples of Ornamental Iron Fencing April 27, 2018

Clinton, Island
5 Examples of Ornamental Iron Fencing, Clinton, Washington

Are you considering installing an ornamental iron fence on your property? This material is a metal alloy that can be bent, twisted, or hammered into shapes, typically by hand. If you need inspiration, below is a brief list of elegant styles to choose from.

A Guide to Ornamental Iron Fence Designs

1. Finials

Ornamental IronFence finials are decorative tops attached to fencing. It’s available in a wide array of sizes and shapes and offers a distinct look to ornamental iron fencing. Finials are often geometric or angular in shape and make the fence harder to scale. The design can be completely customized to suit your aesthetic preferences.

2. Curlicues

Ornamental iron that is made with fancy spirals or curls as the focal design is a popular choice in fencing. Also called scrollwork, ornate curlicues are often featured across the entire fence to create a vividly detailed framework.

3. Wide Panels

Ornamental fencing with wider spaces between the panels provide a nice view of your grounds while still being slim enough to prevent intruders from slipping through the openings. Additional plants and shrubbery can be installed if more privacy is desired.

3. Gates

Ornamental iron fence gates are attractive and can be installed at your driveway or other locations to keep unpermitted cars out. The gates can be locked to keep your property secure during the day or night.

4. Custom Design

One-of-a-kind, custom ornamental iron fencing allows you to request any design aesthetic that can be manufactured. Whether you want your family initials incorporated into the fencing, your favorite animal motif, or intricate scrollwork, there is no end to the designs you can request.


Ornamental iron fencing will be a beautiful addition to your property. Let the professionals at McBride Fence Inc. in Clinton, WA, install it for you today. The residential fence contractors provide fence installation and repair services throughout Island County. Call (360) 579-2957 to speak with a representative or visit their website for more information.