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4 Kitchen Cabinet Trends of 2018 April 27, 2018

Utica, Chickasaw
4 Kitchen Cabinet Trends of 2018, Utica, Iowa

High-quality kitchen cabinets don't only provide ample storage; they also add character and aesthetic appeal to your indoor space. Whether you're renovating your kitchen or building a new one from scratch, seek inspiration from current cabinetry trends. Check out the following insights into cabinet design elements making waves this year.

2018 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

1. No Monochromatic Themes

In the past, sticking to a single color scheme for cabinetry and floor options was expected. However, this year’s kitchen layouts take a step away from monochromatic themes and encourage homeowners to experiment with colors. Many of this year’s kitchen designs feature customized cabinets in bright colors, like blue, turquoise, and violet. White, brown, and black woodwork still maintain their popularity, but break the monotony with statement kitchen islands.

Kitchen Cabinets2. Practical Storage Options

Kitchen concepts for 2018 emphasize heavily on creating ample, easy-to-access storage compartments. This is why pull-out cabinets and mini-pantries are prominent features of layouts you’ll come across in architectural catalogs. Designers also realize the struggle of reaching into corner cabinets, which is why they introduce revolving shelves to solve the problem.

3. Cleaner Designs

Modern cabinetry layouts also take a break from large-scale, design-heavy options popularized in previous years. They take a minimalistic approach, featuring clean lines and decor elements. Their smooth, streamlined construction lends your kitchen space a decidedly futuristic look. In this way, they perfectly complement the countertops and backsplashes currently in vogue.

4. Greater Reliance on Oak

Over the last 20 years, homeowners have moved from oak to ornate maple and cherry woodwork designs. If this year’s concepts are any indication, oak is making its way back into cabinetry products. The wood type offers greater aesthetic freedom and gives homeowners the option to incorporate any layout they want. Oak cabinetry is the perfect accessory for modern and rustic kitchen concepts.


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