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5 Reasons to Dine at a Family-Owned Restaurant April 27, 2018

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5 Reasons to Dine at a Family-Owned Restaurant, Orange Beach, Alabama

The next time you’re on the road looking for the perfect place to have lunch or plan a big celebratory dinner, head to a family-owned restaurant. Although chain restaurants offer a sense of comfort with their familiar menu, you’ll miss out on so much. As you browse through the options in your vicinity, consider the following advantages of family-owned restaurants.

5 Reasons to Pick a Family Restaurant Over a Chain

1. Local Economy

By choosing a smaller restaurant, you keep the money within the community. Even if you’re just visiting, you can take pride in your patronage helping with the preservation and charm of the city or town.

2. Customer Service

restaurantWhen a restaurant is run by a family, you can usually expect a greater dedication to customer service. Because the owners are more directly involved in the day-to-day operations, they can swiftly tend to any issues.

3. History

A local restaurant always has a fascinating history. If it’s been around for decades, you can learn about how it has and hasn’t changed; if the business is still in its infancy, it’ll be interesting to discover its origins.

4. Social Events

With the exception of major, national campaigns and private parties, most chain restaurants don’t schedule community social events. Family establishments, on the other hand, occasionally throw gaming or karaoke nights.

5. Ingenuity

If culinary innovation interests you, smaller restaurants generally have more latitude in changing their menus. Each one is unique, so there’s no guarantee there’ll be something new all the time, but overall, you’re more likely to see specials come up than you would at a chain.


If you’re ever in the Orange Beach, AL, area, looking for a family-owned restaurant with delicious food and exceptional customer service, head down to Barefoot Island Grill. Whether you have a hankering for seafood, burgers, or tacos, they’ll have exactly what you need to satisfy your appetite. To preview their menu, visit the website, and if you want to reserve a table, call them at (251) 256-0055. 

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