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3 Health Benefits of Removing Chlorine From Your Home’s Water April 27, 2018

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3 Health Benefits of Removing Chlorine From Your Home’s Water, Hiawassee, Georgia

Chlorine has a long history of use as a water treatment, removing diseases and purifying water so it is safe to drink and use. However, the Class 4 Water Experts of Chem Free Pure Water Systems in Hiawassee, GA, know that chlorine carries problems of its own, and that it may not be the best solution for water purification. Below, they highlight several important health-related benefits of removing chlorine from your home and replacing it with solutions that still provide excellent water filtration for you and your family.

3 Health Reasons to Remove Chlorine From Your Home’s Water Supply

1. Chlorine Can Pose Severe Medical Risks

Despite its ability to disinfect water, the EPA has shown that chlorine byproducts can contribute to such serious diseases like cancer and damage to internal organs and the central nervous system. This study discussed by the public organization, National Drinking Water Clearinghouse, found that these byproducts were also considered for their role in miscarriages and the ability to alter DNA. While the levels of chlorine in your drinking water are monitored, you do have other options to filter your water. Reverse osmosis solutions combined with your home water filtration system can provide an extra measure to ensure that almost all contaminants are removed without the use of chlorine.

2. Chlorine Can Affect Your Skin & Hair

water filtrationWhen showering, you absorb a high concentration of chlorine by breathing in the steam directly from the hot water. Doing so can cause skin dryness and brittle hair, despite the fact that you’ve just bathed. Installing a UV water sterilizer is an easy way to purify water for personal purposes as it disinfects through UV light without adding chemicals or using chlorine.

3. Chlorine Can Taint Your Food & Drink

Washing fruits or vegetables with chlorine-treated water or simply drinking it on its own can leave a pungent taste in your mouth. With a whole-house water filtration system, this problem can be readily solved and gives you peace of mind to know that harmful chemicals will no longer be ingested or soak into your food.

With more than 40 years of experience, Chem Free Pure Water Systems has provided the best service and quality care in water filtration for Union and Cherokee Counties. Visit their website to learn more about the solutions they provide to deliver fresh and clean water right in your home, or give them a call at (706) 835-8865 to find out how you can remove chlorine from your water today.

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