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3 Quick & Easy Deli Meat Sandwiches for Your Kids' Lunch June 5, 2018

New York, Bronx
3 Quick & Easy Deli Meat Sandwiches for Your Kids' Lunch, New York, New York

A healthy diet full of whole foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, high-quality deli meats, and cheeses is essential for a child’s growth and development. Adding some variety in their diet also helps them get a wide range of nutrients and makes mealtime interesting. Try these quick, tasty and easy combinations that’ll make your kids look forward to lunch!

3 Delicious Deli Meat Sandwiches for Kids

1. Salami & Cheese

Ham and cheese is a classic combination, but salami kicks the flavor up a notch and works well with various cheeses and toppings. Pair a flavorful salami with a mild provolone or Havarti cheese; top it with crisp romaine lettuce leaves and thick slices of tomato. If you have an adventurous youngster, add stone ground mustard or creamy mayo to tie everything together.

2. Turkey Breast & Apple 

deli meatsThis salty and sweet sandwich is an excellent addition to your child’s weekly lunch menu. Layer crisp green Granny Smith apples with mild turkey, mayonnaise, and a handful of mixed greens. If your child has a sweet tooth, mayonnaise mixed with a little cranberry sauce adds a lot of flavor and is reminiscent of Thanksgiving fare. It’s a great way to sneak in a full serving of fruits and veggies, too!

3. CLT — Chicken Breast, Lettuce, & Tomato

A lighter version of a BLT, a CLT is packed with belly-filling protein without the extra fat. Make it even healthier by using low-fat mayonnaise or cream cheese. Cutting out the sandwich into cute shapes with a standard cookie cutter is an easy way to make this lunch a favorite for your child.


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