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A Guide to Common Hiding Spots of Carpenter Ants April 27, 2018

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A Guide to Common Hiding Spots of Carpenter Ants, Versailles, Kentucky

One of the reasons pests can infest homes is because they are so good at hiding. Often, it’s not until many insects have begun to inhabit their dwelling that homeowners finally spot the signs of a problem. Carpenter ants, in particular, are notoriously good at hiding. Luckily, the professionals from All-Rite Pest Control, a leading exterminator in Versailles, KY, offer some information to help you uncover the pesky insects.

Where Carpenter Ants Are Most Likely to Hide in Your Home

Ants, like other pests, need food and water to survive and are therefore drawn to areas with continuous supplies of these resources. Often, this means ants are likely to be found in the kitchen, garage, or anywhere garbage is kept.

If there are lingering spills, overripe fruit, water buildup, or any other elements which could provide food for these insects situated in your home, you can bet they’ll find a way to hide nearby. Cabinets and pantries may be ideal spots for ants to hide. For this reason, it’s essential to make sure food and garbage containers are sealed to discourage them from taking up residence.

Other Areas They May Inhabit

carpenter antsWhile kitchens are the most common sites for carpenter ants, bathrooms are a close second. Pipe leaks and pooled water are perfect drinking sources for the creatures. Additionally, they may be attracted to any sweet-smelling substances that have been left open, including shampoos and lotions. It’s therefore not uncommon to find ants lurking in bathtubs and bathroom cabinets.

In addition to these two central regions of the home, ants may also dwell inside walls and within air conditioning units. Because these are more difficult to control than open areas like kitchens and bathrooms, it’s essential to enlist the help of pest control professionals if you suspect an infestation in these spots.

If you’re experiencing a problem with carpenter ants or any other pest, All-Rite Pest Control can help. Their dedicated team has been helping Kentucky residents stay pest-free since 1972 and offers industry-leading techniques to keep insects and rodents at bay. To enlist the help of their professionals, call (859) 873-1400, and visit them online to learn more about their services.

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