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Funeral Home Offers Four Tips to Listen to Someone Who’s Grieving April 26, 2018

Fort Mitchell, Kenton
Funeral Home Offers Four Tips to Listen to Someone Who’s Grieving, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

When a close friend or family member loses a loved one, it can be difficult to figure out the best way to show support. Whether you simply reminisce with them about their loved one or get involved during planning at the funeral home, there are a number of things you can do when supporting someone who is grieving, including the following.

4 Ways to Help a Grieving Loved One

1. Make the First Move

When someone is grieving, they may withdraw and isolate themselves socially. Instead of waiting for them to talk to you, reach out to the grieving person and offer your assistance—even if it’s just listening to them. You can reach out in person, through the phone, or by email; just remember to make the first move.

funeral home2. Listen to Them

Sometimes, all someone needs is a person they can trust and confide in. When they’re working through the pain of their loved one’s death, they will need someone to lean on. When listening, remember the focus is on your loved one who is grieving, which means letting them talk as much and as often as they need to.

3. Remind Them of Good Times

If you were familiar with the loved one that passed away, try reminding them about the fond memories and history they share with the deceased. When someone is grieving, it can be easy to focus on the loss and how much pain they are in. Reminiscing about the good times can help them remember all the joy and happiness their loved one brought to their life.

4. Stay in Touch

The grieving of a loved one doesn’t stop with a ceremony at the funeral home. Remember to stay in touch and reach out to your loved one, whether you’re just checking in or offering to help with dinner for a few weeks. Your loved one may feel like they need to have it all together, when, in reality, grieving is a process. Continue to help them by remaining present.


Middendorf Funeral Home has been providing services to the northern Kentucky community for more than 150 years. This funeral home offers complete services, from planning the ceremony to working with families to ensure the needs of their loved ones are met. To learn more about Middendorf Funeral Home, visit their website or speak to a professional by calling (859) 341-7800.

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