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Corporate Life Coach's Tips to Foster Company Teamwork April 27, 2018

Lower East Side, Manhattan
Corporate Life Coach's Tips to Foster Company Teamwork, Manhattan, New York

Building a company culture starts from the top. As a manager or company owner, it’s up to you to instill and promote the right values for your staff. Teamwork is a crucial component in any successful business and should be taught as such to maximize productivity. With the help of a corporate life coach, like Laura Westman Coaching, in New York, NY, you can get your employees communicating and collaborating more effectively than ever.

How to Encourage Teamwork in Your Office

Get the Team Talking

As is its nature, a discussion about teamwork should involve the entire team. Gather your employees and designate a day to discuss the value of collaboration. Ask your team members to make a written list of the ways teamwork can benefit their experience at the company and suggestions for ways that they can increase the frequency of group work.

corporate life coachAsk your employees to engage in an open dialogue about how working together will ultimately benefit the company as a whole. It may also be helpful to have your staff recall specific times in the past when teamwork allowed them more success and growth. If you aren’t sure how to get the conversation going, enlist the help of a corporate life coach to help navigate the discussion. 

Manager Duties

As a manager or executive, it’s up to you to ensure that each member of your team feels they are a valuable asset. Get involved with every member of your staff, no matter if they are a senior level employee or a new trainee. Showing that you hold yourself to the same standards will create a strong sense of unity.

Then, make a point to reward moments of teamwork throughout each day. Commend groups who successfully solve a problem together or outwardly recognize a staff member who took on more than their share of the work to help reach a common goal.

Finding a corporate life coach may seem daunting, but Laura Westman Coaching makes the task clear and simple. Laura offers both one-on-one and group sessions, allowing you to tailor the content of the discussion as is most effective for your business. Focused on positive reinforcement and personal empowerment, you’ll start to see improvements in your team and success as a company almost immediately. Find out more about what Laura has to offer online or call at (919) 360-8642.