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How Versatile Is Propane? April 24, 2018

Wilton, Fairfield County
How Versatile Is Propane?, Wilton, Connecticut

As a readily available, affordable, and eco-friendly fuel source, it’s clear why propane is becoming an increasingly popular choice for home heating. But many may be surprised to learn there are plenty of other ways consumers can enjoy these benefits. Providing heating services and fuel delivery throughout Wilton, CT, Servco Oil & Propane highlights a few ways this fuel can adapt to different areas of life.

What Are Some Different Uses for Propane?

Outdoor Comfort

propaneDuring the winter, propane is usually associated with indoor heating. But when summer shows up, this fuel showcases its impressive adaptability. Most commonly, consumers use it to grill barbecue fare in a clean and efficient fashion. When swimming feels

Once it’s time to eat, you can also use propane to cook—and not just with the grill in your backyard. Many people prefer to use the fuel to heat up stoves and ovens, as it provides a balanced and efficient heat for cooking. With low flammability, it is also much safer to use in the kitchen than natural gas.  

Backup Power & Emergency Heat

At best, power outages are an annoying inconvenience. At worst, they can prevent your household from receiving heat during cold winters. In these instances, you might use a propane-supported generator to provide a reliable and long-lasting backup power supply.

Propane fireplaces are also advantageous when cold weather strikes. Using a direct vent design, these fireplaces can heat up living spaces quickly. This benefit is particularly beneficial if your furnace is broken or not producing enough heat.

If you’re ready to discover all the possibilities of propane, it’s important to have a reliable fuel provider—that’s where Servco Oil & Propane comes in. Providing heating services in Wilton, CT, since 1962, this team has built a reputation for providing customers with dependable fuel deliveries at competitive rates. In addition to delivering propane, these specialists will also help address heating equipment issues and install new systems and tanks. Visit them online for more information about their services, and call (203) 762-7994 to schedule a delivery today.