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Gold vs. Silver: Which Metal to Choose for Jewelry Casting August 19, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
Gold vs. Silver: Which Metal to Choose for Jewelry Casting, Manhattan, New York

Whether you’re adding a new piece to your current jewelry collection or having wedding bands made, you’ll need to choose a material.  While gold and silver are the most popular options for jewelry casting, the helpful staff at Frank Billanti Jewelry Casting in New York, NY, say that understanding the pros and cons of both will help you determine which is right for you.


jewelry castingRegular maintenance is not necessary for gold; it’s scratch-resistant and can hold its luster with minimal cleaning. Another benefit of this material is that it does not commonly cause allergic reactions.

Gold is typically the more expensive option, since it is more rare and durable than most of the alternate jewelry materials. While gold never goes out of style, outfits should be chosen carefully when pairing gold jewelry since it can easily appear ostentatious.   


One of the main benefits of choosing silver for jewelry casting is that it is more affordable then gold. You can purchase several silver pieces for about the same price as one gold piece would cost, ans silver is also more versatile where sartorial choices and skin tone are concerned.

Silver does, however, require routine maintenance to prevent it from becoming dark or blackened due to exposure to the elements. It can also cause allergic reactions; some people who wear silver may experience itching or swelling in the area the piece touches.

Whether you’re interested in custom silver or gold casting services in New York City, turn to the jewelry casting professionals at Frank Billanti Jewelry Casting. They utilize a wide range of techniques during the production process to create unique, top-quality pieces, from CAD systems to final polishing. Call (212) 221-0440 today to speak with one of their knowledgeable representatives or visit their website for more information about their completed work. 

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