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When to Schedule & What to Expect at a Child's First Dentist Appointment April 26, 2018

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When to Schedule & What to Expect at a Child's First Dentist Appointment, Avon, Ohio

A healthy smile begins in early childhood. Establishing a relationship with a caring kids’ dentist will help your little one get comfortable with oral hygiene. It will also set the foundation for healthy teeth and gums in adolescence and adulthood. Learn more about when you should begin professional dental care in the sections below.  

When to Bring Them 

DentistAccording to the American Dental Association, the best time to start taking your son or daughter to the dentist is when they get their first tooth or reach their 1st birthday. Since enamel decay and cavities occur in babies, regular checkups with a physician will ensure your child’s teeth and gums are healthy. It will also establish a safe haven for potential dental emergencies. 

What to Expect 

When it is time to see the dentist, your child will sit on your lap for the examination. If they are an older child and comfortable at their visit, they will sit in the dental chair by themselves. The doctor will begin by carefully examining your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw.

Next, they will clean the teeth. When they are done with treatment, they will allow time for parent questions. Ask your pediatric dentist about any concerns you have. Common topics include daily oral hygiene, teething, pacifiers, and thumb sucking. You can also find out how to model good dental care and how to make your child more comfortable at the dentist’s office. Toddlers and school-age children will receive education through toys and dental models. 


Create a partnership with a pediatric dentist as soon as possible. The dental professionals at Carolyn B. Crowell, DMD, & Associates in Avon, OH, will help create a positive experience for your child. To make an appointment with one of their dentists, call them at (440) 934-0149. For more information about your child’s initial appointment, visit their website.

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