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Do You Need Pet Insurance? A Veterinarian Explains April 26, 2018

Do You Need Pet Insurance? A Veterinarian Explains, Fairport, New York

Pet insurance covers costly medical services if an animal gets ill or injured. But how do you know if signing up for a policy makes sense in your case? In New York, Fairport Animal Hospital helps owners make the right health decisions for their beloved cats and dogs. To spread awareness of the various considerations, the veterinarians discuss what your furry friend needs and how to accommodate that.

Older Pets Have Greater Health Needs

If your pet is older, there may come a time when it needs an expensive medical procedure. In this case, having a pet insurance policy in place makes sense, as aging animals often suffer from chronic health conditions or problems with their hip and joints. Some treatments are costly, so a comprehensive plan mitigates expenses and makes necessary care more manageable.

Active Outdoor Pets Are at Greater Risk of Injury

veterinarianIf your pet is particularly active or spends a lot of time outdoors, they’re at greater risk of sustaining an injury. A broken leg, for instance, can cost thousands of dollars to treat at the animal hospital and may also require expensive aftercare, like physical therapy. It’s important for cats and dogs to play and get plenty of exercise. However, if they lead such a lifestyle, it’s worth investing in a policy.

Alternatives to Cover Expenses

Instead of pet insurance, you can also create an emergency savings account to cover any expenses. If you’re comfortable putting aside money for your animal’s future medical needs, doing so is a viable alternative. However, if you’re on a tight budget but still want to ensure the best medical care possible, a comprehensive plan is the way to go.

Need a veterinarian for your furry companion? Whether your pet needs treatment or a solid insurance policy, turn to Fairport Animal Hospital for the best medical advice and solutions. Their staff is known for their compassion and advanced knowledge of practices ranging from cardiology to surgery, neurology, and psychology, for unparalleled service and expertise. Schedule an appointment with a veterinarian today by calling (585) 388-1070. You can also visit them online to review all the ways they can assist.

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