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3 Tire Care Tips You Should Know About April 26, 2018

Gates, Monroe
3 Tire Care Tips You Should Know About, Gates, New York

As the point of contact with the road, tires play a significant role in vehicle safety and control. By following best practices associated with maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your tires and ensure they’re safe for driving. Auto expert, Howard Road Garage, in Rochester, NY, offers tips for customers to take proper care of their tires. 

A Guide to Tire Maintenance 

1. Check the Pressuretires

While tire pressure is one of those maintenance tasks that are easy to forget about, it’s crucial for safe driving. When tires are underinflated, there’s a higher chance that they’ll struggle to gain traction, causing you to lose control of the vehicle. It also increases the risk of flats. The next time you’re at an auto shop, ask the mechanic to check the air pressure and have them pump the tires up if the number is too low. 

2. Learn the Penny Test

After hundreds and thousands of miles of driving, the tread on your tires will start wearing down. If the deterioration is severe enough, the tires will have difficulty grasping the road, causing slips and swerves. A useful test to know is the penny test; simply stick a penny between your tire tread — if you can see Abraham Lincoln’s head, your tread has worn down too thin, and you should invest in a new set. If you cannot, they’re still safe to drive. 

3 Don’t Forget Rotation

Without tire rotation, you’ll quickly get frustrated at how often you have to buy new models. Since the front wheels tend to do the majority of the turning work, they develop more wear and tear. Most mechanics recommend having your tires rotated every time you need an oil change, swapping the front tires for the rear ones so you can better distribute the stress. 

If your tires are beginning to look worn down or seem to be acting strange, head right over to Howard Road Garage for an inspection. The professionals will also conduct an oil change, run engine diagnostics, and help with any other maintenance tasks you may need. To get in touch with the friendly staff, call (585) 429-5790. Learn more about the shop by visiting their website

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