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4 Ways to Support Your Partner Through Natural Birth December 27, 2019

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4 Ways to Support Your Partner Through Natural Birth, Suffern, New York

The thought of standing by your partner’s side as she brings your little one into the world is both exciting and a little scary. Though birth is a natural process, it’s not easy seeing someone go through labor pains. Luckily, there are some simple but useful ways you can make a home birth easier on you both. 

How to Help Your Significant Other During a Home Birth

1. Help Distract Your Partner

When the time comes, your partner will probably greatly appreciate any distraction from the pain they’re feeling. Whether it’s by rubbing her feet through contractions, holding her hand, or talking her through it — diverting her attention to something else can be immensely helpful. You can also help her practicing breathing deeply or giving her an object or area to focus on. 

2. Prep Snacks & Beverages

Labor is often a long haul. Since it can go on for hours, have a stash of snacks readily available for your partner and yourself. Have some water or other beverages handy as well, and make sure she’s hydrating throughout her labor.

3. Soothe Her During the Early Stages 

home birthThere’s no need to start stressing at the early stages of labor since it’s often a long process. Giver her a gentle massage or, if her water hasn’t broken yet, draw her a warm bath to help her feel more comfortable while you wait. You can also play relaxing music and have her take deep breaths. 

4. Have a Plan

If you have other kids, have a grandparent or friend on call to watch the kids or pick them up from school during the home birth. If you have a birth plan, have it and any other documents you’ll need all in one place to grab once the midwife arrives. Have plenty of clean towels ready for birth.


If you’re considering a natural birth at home, go with experienced, caring professionals to make the process as easy as possible. At Home Birth with Love in Suffern, NY, they provide outstanding, holistic midwife services and a birthing staff that knows how to help their clients feel comfortable and safe. For more information on natural births and their excellent services, visit their website or schedule a free consultation by calling (845) 641-5058 today.