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3 Signs It's Time for New Window Installation April 24, 2018

Dothan, Houston
3 Signs It's Time for New Window Installation, Dothan, Alabama

Do your windows seem a little out of sorts? Whether you’ve just moved in or have been living there for a while, it can be difficult to determine when new window installations are necessary. Some indicators are fairly clear, while others may not seem like a big deal. A few signs, in particular, should encourage you to schedule an appointment with a local expert immediately.

3 Indicators You Need New Window Installation

1. Inconsistent Indoor Temperatures

Leaks around the window frames are some of the biggest culprits of inconsistent indoor temperatures. They begin to form toward the end of a window’s lifespan and make it much harder for the HVAC system to maintain a comfortable level. This could result in a sudden increase in energy bills and should be your first sign that it’s time for repair or replacement.

2. Lacking Functionality

window installationIf you find yourself having trouble opening a window without pulling a muscle, then you may want to consider having it replaced. These products are made to run on a clear track so that they can easily be opened and closed at the homeowner’s whim. Any window that doesn’t function as it’s supposed to is an annoyance at best and, at worst, a health risk.

3. Lack of Soundproofing

Many windows lack proper soundproofing. Some are the result of old materials while others are simply not made with sound insulation in mind. If you stand by your window and can clearly hear everything that’s going on outside, then you may need a new window installation. Quality products are manufactured to cancel out a large portion of outdoor noises and will go a long way toward restoring your peaceful evenings.


For all of your window installation needs, depend on the experts at Circle City Glass. This locally owned glass replacement company is located in Dothan, AL, and specializes in both residential and commercial services. They come highly recommended for their fast and affordable solutions and will supply the quality window repairs that your home deserves. Call (334) 794-6160 to request an estimate or visit them online for additional information.

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