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3 Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit Before You Move October 1, 2018

Groveton, Lee
3 Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit Before You Move, Lee, Virginia

Moving can be overwhelming if you don’t organize correctly. Packing, unpacking, and simply getting around your house during the process can be problematic with the right preparation. To avoid damaging items and to make your life easier, the staff at Holly Hill Self Storage in Alexandria, VA, advise that you should consider renting a storage unit. You’ll find it has many advantages throughout the process, and it will ultimately ensure everything goes smoothly.

3 Reasons to Consider Renting a Storage Unit Before a Move

1. Removing Clutter

As boxes pile up, it can be difficult to move around your home and access other spaces that need to be packed. Unnecessary furniture can be especially problematic. A storage unit gives you all the space you need to reduce clutter. Moving larger boxes and furniture you don’t need right away will open up space and make it much easier to continue package.

2. Organizing

storage unitOrganizing while you’re packing has a significant impact on how easy unpacking is at your new home. However, with boxes everywhere, it can be easy to forget items and lose track of any system you have. Start by packing things you don’t immediately need and move them into storage. You can then organize accordingly until you only have what you need at home. Once in the storage unit, you won’t have to worry about losing anything and will know exactly where items are when you’re ready to unpack.

3. Maximizing Space at Your New Home

As you pack, you’ll inevitably find things you realize you don’t need. Put these in the storage unit first to maximize space at your new home. There are many long-term storage options perfect for housing these unnecessary items, and it’s especially helpful if you’re downsizing your home.

If you’re ready to rent a storage unit, turn to Holly Hill Self Storage. They offer state-of-the-art options at their storage facility, including climate-control storage units, and they are committed to keeping your possessions protected. Call (703) 765-3115 today to speak with their staff and visit their website to explore their storage rental options.