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How Landlord Representation Helps You April 24, 2018

Garden City, Nassau County
How Landlord Representation Helps You, Garden City, New York

Whether you’re leasing office spaces or buying/selling commercial real estate, if you are a property owner, it’s smart to have proper landlord representation on your side. From financial analysis to property management, a real estate professional can help you maximize your investment and ensure your spaces stand out in a crowded market. 

Maximize Returns

Having a real estate professional act on your behalf to vet tenants, lead property tours, and negotiate lease signings can boost occupancy — helping you get the most out of your investment. They can also inspect the spaces you own to make sure you are utilizing them efficiently, as an empty or unused property is a sinkhole for cash.  Stabilizing a property with steady tenants and maximizing the value of a building are the main functions of a good landlord representative.

Plan Ahead

Cities and neighborhoods evolve — and your long-term real estate goals should reflect this. Preparing for the future witimageh the help of landlord representation helps you stay ahead of change. Whether you want to extend existing contracts, make plans for building improvements, incorporate unique amenities to attract new lessees or just dispose of an asset, a professional can analyze and perfect your investment strategy.  With proper foresight and marketing, an effective landlord rep can get your building fully occupied or position it to be sold for the highest value.

Mitigate Risk

Real estate can be a highly lucrative industry, however, it also carries a great deal of risk. Having a professional draw up lease terms that clearly state the landlord’s and tenant’s rights and obligations can help avoid costly disputes. Having the right mix of tenants with staggering lease terms can also help to stabilize the asset.  Landlord representatives can also serve as the point of contact for tenants and handle property management duties on your behalf, ensuring that your contractual responsibilities are met with no extra headache for you. 


For comprehensive landlord representation and property management services in the Garden City, Nassau County, Queens, and Brooklyn, NY, area, trust ACCSpace. Specializing in commercial real estate, property management, and new commercial construction, they have the knowledge you need to succeed as a property owner. Their skilled team offers a wide range of services and can tailor their offering to suit your needs. Find out more about their experience online. For an appointment, call (516) 277-0666.

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