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How to Discuss Infertility Treatments With Loved Ones May 8, 2018

Mccully - Moiliili, Honolulu
How to Discuss Infertility Treatments With Loved Ones, Honolulu, Hawaii

Although roughly one in 10 couples have issues getting pregnant, it’s difficult to discuss these problems with friends or family members. However, finding support within your community will make the journey less isolating and stressful. If you and your partner have recently started infertility treatments, review the following advice on how to divulge your situation to loved ones. 

Breaking Infertility Treatment News to Friends & Family

What Should You Do Before Sharing This Information?

Before openly discussing infertility treatments with friends or close family members, have a candid conversation with your partner. Decide how much information you’d like to share and what circumstances are appropriate for delivering the news. During these discussions, remain positive, and hash out a plan for alerting your loved ones as your efforts advance.

How Can You Make the Conversation Easier?

Infertility TreatmentThe best way to alleviate some of the pressure and anxiety surrounding this conversation is to come prepared. Choose an appropriate and intimate gathering to explain your situation. If you and your partner are nervous about delivering the news, try practicing your words in advance. For added comfort, bring up the topic of your infertility treatments in an environment that makes you comfortable, such as your own home. Most importantly, remember these individuals are a source of support, and you can depend on them along your journey to parenthood. 

What’s the Best Way to Prepare for Their Reactions?

Once your loved ones know about your situation, they may have a myriad of questions regarding the treatment plan and fertility clinic you’ve chosen. Make a list of the questions you anticipate with your infertility specialist so you know exactly how you’d like to answer them. Remember—while your loved ones mean well, they may respond in ways that seem insensitive or uneducated. If this happens, remind yourself they are coming from a place of love, and some people attempt to diffuse heavy announcements with humor. Should you feel frustrated, prepare an arsenal of helpful articles or books on the topic so your family can grow to understand and support you.


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