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Top 3 Types of Water Treatment Systems April 24, 2018

Flathead Reservation, Lake
Top 3 Types of Water Treatment Systems, Flathead Reservation, Montana

Access to fresh, clean drinking water is a priority for homeowners and commercial business owners alike. That’s why so many property managers opt to install water treatment systems, especially in tandem with well drilling work. If you’re considering your options, here’s a rundown of the three leading systems on the market today. 

3 Kinds of Water Treatment Systems 

1. Reverse Osmosis

This system is best when you’re interested in reducing the number of dissolved solids in your water. To remove solids, such as salt, fluids are pushed through a membrane-like surface. When forced through, solids remain behind as water is diffused and refined. If your technician notices higher levels of salt in your next well maintenance appointment, this treatment is an excellent way to reduce sodium levels. 

2. Filtration

Water Treatment SystemsOne of the most common ways to purify water is by pouring it through a variety of filters. Through the filtration process—whether mechanical, oxidizing, or neutralizing—you can successfully remove unwanted odors, tastes, colors, and minerals.

3. Ultraviolet

Did you know the UV rays in sunlight can naturally kill unwanted microorganisms? Ultraviolet water filtration systems harness UV energy through lamps to purify water and reduce the number of harmful organisms living in these fluids. This environmentally friendly option is popular because it only requires annual service appointments, is cost-effective, and doesn’t rely on chemicals.


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