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3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Summer Storms April 24, 2018

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3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Summer Storms, Fairplay, Colorado

Few things are more nostalgic than a summertime storm, especially when it brings a temporary halt to scorching weather. Unfortunately, unexpected storms can also be hard on your home, creating the need for urgent repairs. Here are three ways to protect your home from storms this summer, and why you won’t regret the effort later. 

Tips to Prevent Storm Damage

Have Your Trees Trimmed

Falling branches are one of the biggest dangers to your home when the wind is howling, especially if trees are unhealthy. Dead branches tend to be dry and brittle, so they break easily. Have your trees professionally trimmed to remove damaged sections. You should also have branches removed that hang over your roof, patio, or power lines. 

Clean Your Gutters 

homeYour home’s gutter system allows water to escape properly, but only if the troughs and downspouts are clean. Clean your gutters every spring and fall to remove dead leaves, roof shingle granules, and anything else you might find. Cleaning your gutters also prevents clogs in the downspouts, which could cause problems like roofing damage. 

Check Your Sump Pump

Sudden rainstorms can cause ground flooding, which might seep into your basement if you live in a place with a high water table. Before summer hits, check your sump pump and clear any debris that might be in the way. You may also need to prime the sump pump to keep it running properly. Consider testing your sump pump by pouring water in the collection unit to make sure it is draining like it should be. 


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