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Is a Boiler System the Most Efficient Heating Option for Your Business? April 24, 2018

Boston, Boston, MA
Is a Boiler System the Most Efficient Heating Option for Your Business?, Boston, Massachusetts

Providing adequate heating for an industrial or commercial facility isn’t always easy — or cheap. As such, finding solutions that improve overall efficiency should be a high-priority task, as it can result in significant long-term savings for your business. As the team at New England Combustion Products in Rockland, MA, explains, a boiler system has several noteworthy advantages over other heating options.

What Makes a Boiler System Different?

Unlike standard furnaces, which heat air and then blow it throughout the structure, boilers distribute heat using hot water. After the water has been warmed (and sometimes even turned into steam), it is sent through pipes throughout the structure. Depending on the system, the heat is dispersed through radiators, radiant floor systems, or special coils. As with furnaces, a boiler system may be powered by electricity or natural gas.

What Are the Advantages of Boiler Heating?

boiler systemThis different method of operation is notable because it makes boiler systems much more energy efficient than a standard furnace. Water can hold heat more easily than air, which allows for more effective and even heating. In addition, boiler systems won’t experience duct leaks and other maintenance problems commonly found in a furnace.

Though reducing electricity and natural gas consumption can generate big savings for a business, these aren’t the only advantages to consider. Boilers aren’t as loud as a furnace, and since they don’t blow air, there isn’t an issue of dust and other contaminants being spread throughout your facility — worthwhile benefits when working in sensitive environments.

If you need to install a new boiler system for your facility, make sure you choose the best team for the job. In business since 1976, New England Combustion Products has assisted a wide range of clients with boiler installation work and other unique challenges. To learn more about their energy efficient products, visit them online or call (781) 337-8888.

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