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Veneers or Crowns & Bridges: Which Should You Choose? April 24, 2018

Rhinelander, Oneida
Veneers or Crowns & Bridges: Which Should You Choose?, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

If you’re looking for ways to transform the appearance and functionality of your smile, you may be weighing different treatment options. Both dental veneers and crowns and bridges are effective for restoring dental issues such as chipped or broken teeth. Here, the leading practice in Rhinelander, WI, Timber Drive Dental, explain the two to help you determine which option best suits your needs.

Veneers, Crowns, & Bridges 

crowns and bridgesVeneers are thin sheets of porcelain that are affixed directly to the teeth. Hailed for their aesthetic quality, they are extremely effective for resolving imperfections like gaps, cracks, and slight misalignments. Additionally, veneers solve discoloration issues and can facilitate a uniform, flawless-looking smile.

Like veneers, dental crowns are typically also made from porcelain. Yet, while veneers are applied directly to a tooth’s surface, dental clowns are situated on top of them. They encase weak teeth, protecting them from further decay or damage.

Bridges are similar to crowns, but they are prosthetics used when more than one tooth is missing. A bridge encompasses false teeth, called pontics, and can be affixed to healthy teeth with crowns at each end.

The Best Fit for You

When you visit your dentist for a consultation, they’ll provide tailored suggestions based on your needs. Crowns and bridges are typically most effective for restoring a single tooth or just one isolated area, whereas veneers can be applied to an entire set of teeth. No matter which option you choose, your smile will be more attractive and functional.  

If you’re considering restoration options such as crowns and bridges or veneers, allow the professionals from Timber Drive Dental to provide a recommendation for your needs. Their dental care experts will oversee your treatment to ensure satisfying, high-quality results tailored to your smile. To schedule an appointment, call (715) 365-1800 today or visit them online.

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