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3 Tips for Finding a Quality Spring Cleaning Company April 16, 2018

Middletown, Monmouth County
3 Tips for Finding a Quality Spring Cleaning Company, Middletown, New Jersey

Spring cleaning season is here at last, and with the muddy footprints and salt stains from the associated weather comes the task of choosing a great cleaning company out of the seemingly overwhelming options out there. Whether you need window washing or carpet cleaning, this process can be simplified into essential tips to keep in mind when it comes time to selecting a company to maintain your home and office.

3 Tips for Choosing a Cleaning Company

1. Research the Types of Cleaning Services

carpet cleaningWhen it comes to picking a cleaning company, it’s helpful to pay attention to the range of services offered. Determine if the company does residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, or both. Doing so can help you figure out where their strengths lie and what kind of personalized service they’ll be providing. Knowing how many individuals are working at a time on different activities can be informative as well as help speed up the job at a convenience that works for you. Some cleaning companies even extend their services to dog walking and light landscaping to make your life even easier.

2. Make Sure They Are a Trusted Source

Whether it’s a simple carpet cleaning that you’re looking for after a rainy spring day, or after a more significant project like stripping a floor or installing a ceiling fan, make sure the cleaning company you choose is reliable and trustworthy to provide these services. Respected cleaning companies should pride themselves on being a trusted customer source, ready to service above and beyond any typical cleaning need. Read customer reviews online to ensure they are a reputable company and so you have a better understanding of the quality work they provide.

3. Familiarize Yourself With Billing Procedures

Billing and cost can become a needless hassle when dealing with cleaning companies, and it helps to be prepared to know upfront what the expenses will be. Being proactive will assure you are not caught by any surprise charges. Watch instead for a cleaning company that understands this frustration, and offers flexible billing and package options that keep your budget and expectations in mind.


Looking for a great cleaning company to tackle your spring mess in Port Monmouth, NJ? Mumz Cleaning Service is your trusted one-stop home shop, providing an extensive range of personalized services from carpet and rug cleaning to wall washing. To book your spring cleaning today and find out more information about their flexible billing and packages, give them a call at (855) FOR-MUMZ or visit them online.

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