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Dan Skelly April 14, 2018

Evergreen, Jefferson
Dan Skelly, Evergreen, Colorado

Dan Skelly in Golden, Colorado is one of the most respected real estate brokers (agents) in Golden. Dan Skelly in Golden, CO is one of the hardest working and most ethical real estate agents in business. Dan moved to the mountains with his family about 8 years ago and began his real estate career right away.

Dan Skelly has been a small business owner for years

Dan Skelly has always been a business owner his entire adult life. Just like any business owner he had thriving businesses and ones that didn’t go so well. Before Skelly got into real estate in Golden and areas around Golden he lived a lot of great places but soon realized the Denver Foothills was the area for him and his family. Dan Purchased a small hotel in the outer banks in 2002 and realized right away how good he was in business. He expanded the revenue by adding a fishing charter business to the already successful hotel. Located right on the water Skelly knew the boat dock on the property was a great place for the guests to wake and walk out the door to and get on the boat to go fishing.

Dan Skelly owned a marketing company before moving to the Golden CO area 

Dan Skelly got his start in the real estate world through his web design, graphic design, direct mail marketing and digital marketing business in Florida. Most of his clients were real estate agents and Skelly learned how market homes in the most effective way at this time. He helped hundreds of real estate agents market their listings and companies way before moving to the Golden area.

Skelly even owned an indoor playcenter and restaurant prior to getting into Golden real estate

In Taos Dan designed and opened an indoor kids playcenter and restaurant for the kids in the community. It was thriving business that Dan started from nothing. Loving his children and other kids as much as he did Skelly thought this was the perfect business to start in a community that needed something for young kids to do.

Dan Skelly and his community

Dan Skelly has always been active in the community. He has 1000s of volunteer hours including at his children’s school. Skelly is very active in the communities around Golden, CO and is always willing to help out when asked. He has donated time and money to many good causes around the community. 


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