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5 Safety Tips for National Electrical Safety Awareness Month April 25, 2018

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
5 Safety Tips for National Electrical Safety Awareness Month, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Most electrical systems are extremely reliable, providing a steady supply of power whenever you need it. However, corroded wiring or previous work that wasn’t done by a licensed electrician can present a serious fire risk, potentially putting your home and your family in danger. This May, observe National Fire Safety Awareness Month by taking the following steps to prevent fires and other hazards.

5 Electrical Safety Tips

1. Don’t Overload Outlets

Plugging one power strip into another or adding an adapter that gives you extra plugs may seem like a great idea. However, it can actually overload the outlet and start a fire. If you really need more outlets in your home, the safest approach is to call an experienced electrician.

2. Use the Right Light Bulbs

electricianEvery lamp or light socket in your home should have a sticker listing the maximum wattage bulb the appliance can accommodate. If you need more light, adding another lamp is safer than using a bulb that’s too strong.

3. Don’t Plug Multiple Heat-Producing Appliances Into the Same Outlet

Appliances that produce heat, like hair dryers, toasters, and microwaves, draw a lot more power than can openers or food processors. To avoid overloading the circuit, don’t plug your coffee maker and toaster oven into the same outlet.

4. Install Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters

Electricians have access to a variety of advanced technology that actually monitor your system to detect dangerous conditions, and they will actually shut it off if a problem occurs. Many of the 38,000 electrical fires reported every year could have been prevented with these devices.

5. Always Call an Electrician

If you’re good with tools, you can likely handle many improvements and repairs around the house. However, electrical work is too dangerous for anyone without the specialized training of a seasoned professional. Whether you’re changing an outlet or wiring an addition to your house, always call an experienced professional.


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