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Top 5 Reasons Students Fail the SAT June 4, 2018

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 Top 5 Reasons Students Fail the SAT, Alpharetta, Georgia

The SAT can prove highly challenging, particularly when a student lacks the necessary preparation to ace it. There are multiple factors responsible for a high failure rate, from an antiquated educational system to students’ lack of test-taking skills. Fortunately, these difficulties can be remedied with consistent academic tutoring and preparation. To help address these and other issues, Peach State Tutoring & Test Prep shares the top five reasons why students fail this test.

5 Main Reasons Students Fail the SAT

1. Outdated Educational System

One of the main reasons students fail the SAT is an outmoded educational system that doesn’t support genuine learning. Based on a mid-1800’s learning model, the current system encourages students to memorize facts and regurgitate them, as opposed to emphasizing true understanding. Although this places students at a disadvantage, by investing time into SAT prep, they can overcome this obstacle.

2. Inadequate Test Prep 

Another critical factor in the failure rate is insufficient test prep. Intelligence isn’t synonymous with test-taking ability, and just because a student is intellectually inclined doesn’t mean he or she is prepared for the SAT. Test-taking is a skill that students must develop with continued practice, and proper preparation will teach critical thinking and stress management for optimal test results.

3. Lack of Tactical Skills

In addition to inadequate test prep, many students fail the SAT because of a lack of tactical test-taking skills. These are the building blocks of SAT success, and include the proper way to write, submit answers, and avoid specific penalties. Students can work to develop these strategies as part of their SAT prep.

SAT4. Outside Distractions

Another reason why students fail the SAT is extra distractions. These distractions typically include social media, texting, video games, and television, where students can waste critical test prep time. High-performing students may be particularly susceptible to such distractions because they assume they can cruise through the test as they have in their classes.

5. Poor Emotional Management

When students haven’t developed test-taking skills, they often struggle with poor emotional management. When a difficult question arises on the SAT, a fight or flight response will shut down cognitive thought and render previously retained information useless. Tutoring can help students maintain a cool head in the face of test-taking stress. 

If your teen is struggling with the SAT, get them the help they need to succeed with Peach State Tutoring & Test Prep in Alpharetta, GA. Since 1984, their tutoring center has offered SAT and ACT guidance and customized help in specific school subjects. With convenient pay-as-you-go tutoring, a free diagnostic SAT vs. ACT exam, and a unique Reading and Study Skills program, they can help your child excel. To match your teen with the perfect tutor, call (678) 824-6890 or visit their website.

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