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Engagement Ring Trends Throughout the Years April 23, 2018

Nyack, Rockland County
Engagement Ring Trends Throughout the Years, Nyack, New York

The thrill of presenting your beloved with a sparkling engagement ring is a feeling unlike any other. Surprisingly, humanity has been using the same ritual for centuries. While popping the question with a ring may seem ancient, rings couldn’t have been more different over the years. If you’re planning on taking the next step in your relationship, consider the shifting trends of engagement rings throughout history.

Engagement Rings Over the Ages

1. Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is thought to be the first society to utilize rings for marriage. The bands were woven into circles to symbolize eternal love, and the hole in the center represented a new door opening to the future. They were first crafted from braided reeds or hemp, but as the material was fragile, they later transitioned to bone, ivory, and leather.

2. The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment era was all about romanticism. Two popular trends were posie and gimmal rings. Posie rings were gold or silver bands with inscriptions of love or poetry on the surface, while gimmal rings consisted of multiple rings that hooked together to form one.

3. Edwardian Era

engagement ringsDuring the early 20th century, engagement rings became an American cultural norm. The prosperity of the Industrial Revolution led to the growth of a thriving middle class, as well as the availability of affordable fine jewelry. Platinum and diamond became the materials of choice. Couples valued intricate details and designs, from delicate, lacy bands, to engraved hearts and flowers.

4. 1980s

A rising prominence of celebrities and popular culture greatly influenced the styles of the 1980s. Elizabeth Taylor’s enormous 33-carat diamond from Richard Burton sparked a demand for big stones, while Princess Diana’s oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds popularized colored rings. This big blue ring became an icon replicated by jewelers for the years to come.

5. Today

With the accessibility of the internet, styles are becoming much more open to interpretation, and no one trend rules as they did before. Custom jewelry has become an ideal option for those who want their engagement rings personalized to their partner’s tastes. Rose gold settings have risen in popularity, as well as halos of diamonds that enhance the appearance of the center stone.


The trends of the past continue to influence current styles, and with Somos Designer Jewelry Gallery, you can customize engagement rings using whichever era appeals to you. Serving the Rockland County, NY, area for over 100 years, they specialize in beautiful, unique designs often inspired by jewelry of the past. Each custom piece is crafted with the highest quality materials and the care of dedicated jewelers. Begin designing your custom engagement ring today using their website. For more information, call (845) 348-0800.

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