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4 Ways to Prove Liability for Your Personal Injuries April 19, 2018

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4 Ways to Prove Liability for Your Personal Injuries, Honolulu, Hawaii

When you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own, a personal injury claim may allow you to collect compensation from the liable party. However, insurance companies often try to minimize the value of valid claims by disputing responsibility for your injuries. Providing liability for your personal injury often requires foresight, diligence, and the services of a skilled legal professional.

4 Tips for Proving Liability in Personal Injury Cases

1. Demonstrate the Responsible Party’s Duty of Care

In many cases, showing that those responsible had a duty to safeguard others is fairly straightforward. Medical professionals, for example, have a duty to provide their patients with a certain standard of treatment, and drivers are required to follow all traffic regulations. However, if you’ve been injured because of unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, you must demonstrate the business owner or landlord’s responsibility to provide a safe environment.

2. Document Your Injuries

personal injuryPhotographic evidence of your injuries, taken both before and after medical treatment, can be a critical part in your case, along with your complete medical records. Your attorneys can use these records to rebut the insurer’s claims that your injuries are not related to the accident.

3. Keep a Journal

The settlement in your personal injury claim may depend on proving how seriously your condition impacts your daily life. While your case progresses, keep a journal of all your medical appointments as well as every instance in which your injuries prevent you from working, caring for your children, or participating in favorite activities.

4. Hire an Attorney

Proving liability is a much smoother process with a skilled personal injury attorney at your side. They will use their investigatory expertise for your sake, and they often have access to professionals who can help reconstruct the accident and prove liability.


If you’ve been hurt in an accident, turn to Miyoshi & Hironaka, Attorneys at Law in Honolulu, HI, for assistance with your personal injury claim. They’ve built a reputation throughout the islands for successfully representing accident victims and helping them collect the compensation they deserve. For a free consultation, visit their website or call (808) 888-2595.

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