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The Importance of Landscape Curb Appeal for Hotels & Condos April 13, 2018

Wahiawa, Wahiawa
The Importance of Landscape Curb Appeal for Hotels & Condos, Wahiawa, Hawaii

With so much competition in the booming Hawaiian tourism industry, first impressions for hotels and condos matter. An attractive landscape is largely involved in that first impression. Here is your guide to understanding the benefits of impeccable landscaping and how to get started with your own.

A Guide to Landscape Curb Appeal in Vacation Rentals

Why It’s Important

You only get one chance to make a memorable first impression, and your building’s curb appeal is your opportunity to do so. The interior accommodations are of equal importance, but guests need to feel that their location is luxurious and well-maintained as soon as they set foot on the property. A positive arrival experience will set up good expectations for the rest of their stay. It may make the difference to get potential guests through the door and garner good reviews to build a superb online reputation.

How to Start

landscapeTo create a high-end and authentic Hawaiian vacation for visitors, put together a tasteful blend of local flora. Be careful not to get carried away and crowd the lush local plants into an overgrown garden. Stick with local flowering plants or palms strategically placed around the lawn. Mow the grass and weed all flower beds for a fresh, immaculate look. Keep all walkways clear of dirt and plants so guests feel comfortable bringing their luggage through the space. If necessary, have someone power wash the front of the building and the walkways so they look clean as well.


When you’re ready to create a stunning landscape that will impress your visitors, turn to Alii Turf in Wahiawa, HI. They are the go-to turf grass and sod supplier on the island for hotels and vacation rentals. They offer either delivery or pickup options for your convenience. Contact their experts at (808) 293-8873 to request a quote. Visit them online to see the premium grasses available.

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