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Understanding the Difference Between Calzones & Stromboli April 20, 2018

West Haven, New Haven County
Understanding the Difference Between Calzones & Stromboli, West Haven, Connecticut

Is it a calzone or a stromboli? This question seems to be the most debated in Italian restaurants around the country, including Bella Villa Pizza & Restaurant in West Haven, CT. While both items are staples at the pizzeria, the Italian food specialists notice a lot of confusion among their patrons regarding the difference between the two dishes. To clear up the confusion, the team explains the unique features of each option, below.


One of the most distinguishing characteristics between calzones and strombolis is the shape, which is due to how they're made. Calzones are typically half-circles because they're essentially a folded-in-half pizza. Strombolis, on the other hand, are long and usually rectangular, as they're built using square pizza dough that's filled and then rolled up like a loaf of bread.


italian foodAlong with shape, their ingredients differ. Both options incorporate traditional Italian foods, like meats, cheeses, and sauce. However, stromboli is traditionally served with the sauce on the side. Calzone ingredients are identical to a pizza while strombolis utilize meats that are typically Calzones date back to 1700s Italy and were meant to be eaten on-the-go, which explains why the sauce is included inside a pocket of dough—it's easy to hold with one hand. While stromboli is considered an Italian food staple, it originated in the U.S. The exact location of its creation is disputed between various restaurants and food historians, but each story dates to the mid-20th century.

While calzones and stromboli appear similar, they're different dishes, but you can always enjoy both by making a stop at Bella Villa Pizza & Restaurant. The restaurant is known throughout New Haven County for offering delectable Italian food dishes created from premium, fresh ingredients. From pizza to seafood, they offer something to satisfy the whole family. Browse the menu online, or place a carryout order by calling (203) 934-5577.

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