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Importance of a Preventative Care Physician That Prioritizes Quality Treatment April 20, 2018

Dothan, Houston
Importance of a Preventative Care Physician That Prioritizes Quality Treatment, Dothan, Alabama

When it comes to preventative care, quality counts. That’s why finding the right physician is so important. A good doctor will consider all factors—medical history, lifestyle, genetic predisposition, and more—to tailor treatment to an individual patient. If you’re looking for a new doctor, watch for the following traits.

What to Look for in a Preventative Care Physician

Good Communication Skills

Some topics may be difficult to discuss with your doctor, and this can impact the quality of the care you receive. Accordingly, a good physician will be communicative with patients while also putting them at ease. If it is easy for you to be open and honest with your health care provider, you are more likely to receive quality care.

Medical Knowledge

preventative careWhile it should go without saying, your doctor should also possess a high level of medical knowledge specific to your needs. This entails being fully aware of your past medical history, while also understanding how common conditions and disorders typically present themselves. It also helps to find someone who specializes in conditions that run in your family for quicker diagnosis and treatment.

Compassion for Patients

Even the best doctors will fall short of patient expectations if they don’t take a compassionate approach. For a physician to be truly effective, they must listen to patient concerns. This will forge a deeper level of trust, which is crucial for good communication and quality care. After all, if you’re not completely at ease with your health care team, you might be less likely to seek out their services when necessary.


Fairview Clinic, P.C. of Dothan, AL, has been recognized for the quality of their preventative care. They strive to make their patients feel at ease throughout every interaction and offer a wide range of services necessary to receive timely and effective treatment. Their in-house lab testing allows patients to receive important results quickly, and their physicians see patients in their office and at hospitals if necessary. If you’d like to learn more about making an appointment with a quality primary physician, feel free to call (334) 794-3192. If it’s your first time visiting this clinic, stop by the website to access important new patient information.

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