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How to Resume a Healthy Regimen of Diet & Exercise After Winter April 20, 2018

Westbury, North Hempstead
How to Resume a Healthy Regimen of Diet & Exercise After Winter, North Hempstead, New York

Spring is here, and with warmer weather and longer days, it’s time to shake off the winter blues—and bad habits, like inactivity and a poor diet. But returning to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. If you got off track last season and want to make a positive change, the immunology professionals at Integrative Medicine of New York, PLLC, in Westbury share some advice on how to reach your goals.

Start Simple

It’s important to ease back into a healthful routine, taking it slowly and listening to your body. Start with short and easy exercises and increase the length and intensity of the workout each week. Attempting to do too much too soon can cause injury, and immunology professionals warn that it could also affect your susceptibility to illness. Similarly, don’t start off with an extreme diet or severe calorie restriction; instead, listen to your body’s cues and slowly make the switch to sensible and nutritious meals.

Set a Goal 

immunologyYou’re more likely to stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan if you have a clear goal in mind. Whether you want to lose weight, run a 5K, or make all your dinners at home instead of getting takeout, write down your ambition on a piece of paper and set it somewhere visible, like on the refrigerator.

Try Something New

The same old routine gets boring fast, which can quickly derail progress. Keep it fresh by trying new exercises, cooking unusual, healthy recipes, or moving a workout outside rather than staying in the gym. Novelty is stimulating and exciting, motivating you to stick to your health goals. And a long-term commitment to a regimen is what keeps the body healthy and able to fight off disease and pathogens.


In today’s busy world, advanced preparation is key to staying on track with healthy eating and exercise. Take some time on Sunday evenings to cook meals for later in the week, so you’ll have nutritious options ready for lunches and dinners. Pack your gym bag before you go to bed in the evening to avoid morning excuses. It’s also smart to make plans to exercise with a friend to keep you accountable.

Spring is a time of renewal, and it’s the perfect season to refresh your diet and exercise regimen. For overall healthy living, turn to the experienced clinicians at Integrative Medicine of New York, PLLC. With expertise in immunology, regenerative cell therapy, and auto-immune disorders, their team is dedicated to helping you attain well-being using cutting-edge treatment and technologies. To make an appointment today, call (516) 759-4200, or visit their website to learn more about immunology and their other areas of expertise.

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