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Crucial Do’s & Don’ts of Septic Installation May 3, 2018

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Crucial Do’s & Don’ts of Septic Installation, Kodiak, Alaska

A septic system is an effective waste disposal option for your home, but only as long as it’s installed and maintained correctly. If you’re planning a septic installation on your property, it’s important to prepare correctly and be fully involved in the process. Here are some crucial do’s and don’ts to get you started on the right foot.


Pay Attention to Legal Requirements

The state of Alaska has a number of requirements for septic installation, including the types of systems that are suitable for residences and the places they can be installed. Make sure you’re familiar with state and local requirements and permit processes before you start.

Have Your Soil Evaluated

To function well, a septic system’s drain field needs high-quality soil. Schedule a soil survey to make sure the site offers the appropriate drainage and the water table isn’t too high for the system to work.

Learn About Septic Maintenance

Septic InstallationA septic system isn’t a one-and-done project; instead, it will need to be emptied regularly for as long as you rely on it for waste disposal. Make sure you plan accordingly and can conveniently access the septic tank for pumping.


Be Hands-Off

During the site preparation and septic installation process, make sure you’re present and involved in making all the decisions. You want to be sure you know where every part of the system is located, and you’ll also want to make the right landscaping decisions to maintain the look of your yard.

Forget the Drain Field

Your septic system is more than a storage tank; it’s an active system that relies on a drain field to correctly process wastewater. When planning for the installation, make sure you have space set aside for all parts of the system.

Plant Trees Over Your Septic System

Trees, shrubs, and other large plants can’t be located over the septic tank or drain field because the roots will infiltrate the pipes and clog or break them. Grass and shallow-rooted flowers should be the only landscaping elements near the septic system.


Golden Alaska Excavating is a local, family-owned company serving Kodiak, AK. Their experienced team provides fast, precise excavation and septic installation services. They also supply rocks for projects. To discuss your needs, call (907) 539-6490 or reach out online.

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