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Consider Acupuncture Therapy For Depression And Anxiety May 12, 2015

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Consider Acupuncture Therapy For Depression And Anxiety, Kent, Washington

If you’re suffering from anxiety or depression, your treatment options may seem daunting. With anxiety and depression medications at your full disposal, it may seem like the way to go to relieve your symptoms. Unfortunately, these medicines come with a range of alarming side effects and are sometimes dangerously addictive. At 3T Acupuncture Clinic in Kent, WA, a different, non-medicinal approach can help to diminish your stress and anxiety.

According to Chinese medical theory, energy flows through our body in a network of “roads”, much like a highway system would. With our busy, modern lives, we tend to experience stress more than ever before. This stress, anger, or any intense emotion can act like a traffic jam, which essentially blocks our free flowing energy.

This is why many people experience upper back, shoulder, and neck pain when they are feeling stressed out. By applying acupuncture points, the energy can be released into the body once again and be an effective pain management treatment for individuals suffering with symptoms of stress.

With their expertise of administering acupuncture therapy, the professionals at 3T Acupuncture Clinic are truly focused on pinpointing what it is that is causing you anxiety. Through their state-of-the-art solutions, they will get you back to a stress-free life, free of the burden of anxiety or depression. Acupuncture therapy helps to clear out the excess cortisol and other waste chemicals that have accumulated in your body, which then allows energy to move freely throughout your body. MRI studies have even shown that acupuncture can make you happy with the release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

If you’re ready to put your anxiety and depression behind you in a natural, stress-free way, call 3T Acupuncture Clinic at (253) 850-1111 or visit them online to explore the added benefits of acupuncture. Get your smile back today!