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The Do’s & Don’ts of Securing Workers’ Comp Benefits  April 19, 2018

Garden City, Nassau County
The Do’s & Don’ts of Securing Workers’ Comp Benefits , Garden City, New York

Workers’ comp insurance covers a range of injuries regardless of fault, but that does not necessarily mean securing benefits is easy. If you were hurt on the job, there are certain steps you must take right away to strengthen the subsequent claim and ultimately get the funds you deserve. Here are just a few essential things to do—and not do—following an accident at work. 


Report the accident. 

It is critical that you report the accident in writing as soon as possible. Even if your supervisor or manager witnessed the incident, an official report will serve as a valuable piece of evidence during the claims process. If you’re not sure what to include in this document, a workers’ comp attorney will help draft it.   

See an authorized provider.

If you do not require emergency medical care at the scene, see a doctor as soon as possible after leaving work. In the state of New York, injured employees must visit an authorized provider for their medical bills to be covered, so confirm the physician’s status before making an appointment. 


Sign anything. 

workers' compTalk to a personal injury attorney before signing anything or providing a recorded statement. The insurance adjuster may try to convince you to allow them to obtain all your medical records, for example, but you do not have to grant them access. Likewise, you should not provide a statement regarding the extent of any injuries until after speaking to a lawyer and reaching maximum medical improvement. 

Talk about the case.

Avoid talking about the case while the claim is pending. Otherwise, you could jeopardize your chances of securing benefits. This includes discussing the situation—or anything to do with it—on social media. If friends or loved ones check in, you should follow up over the phone or through a more private means of communication.


If you were hurt on the job and want to apply for workers’ comp benefits, turn to the strategic team at Sackstein, Sackstein & Lee, LLP. With offices in Garden City, Flushing, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, they make it easy to get quality legal counsel when you need it most. Visit their website to learn more about the kinds of personal injury cases they take on, or call (888) 519-6400 to schedule an initial consultation today.