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3 Built-In Storage Ideas From Rainy Lake’s General Contractors April 23, 2018

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3 Built-In Storage Ideas From Rainy Lake’s General Contractors , Rainy Lake, Minnesota

If your home feels a little cluttered, you may be tempted to blame it on a lack of space. All too often, however, it’s not the amount of square footage you have, but rather how you use it, that makes the difference. The area underneath stairways, in hallways, and in small nooks often contains untapped potential. 

A general contractor has the expertise to tackle any projects you dream up, and they know all about space maximization. Through the implementation of innovative additions, you can reduce clutter and improve organization.

3 Space-Saving Tips

1. Storage Benches

general contractorBench seating in mudrooms, entryways, and breakfast nooks offers a comfortable place to unwind. When outfitted with hinged-tops and hollow cavities, these benches can also serve as space-savers. Stash winter coats, boots, and sports gear in the mudroom benches, for example, and harbor extra plates and kitchen appliances underneath your breakfast nook benches.

2. Room Dividers

Open floor plans are increasingly popular among contemporary homes. While these layouts promote an ideal environment for socialization and tend to make spaces appear larger, they occasionally lack the built-in shelf and storage space homeowners desire. Fortunately, the installation of partial room dividers will give you the additional storage space for books, trinkets, and other items you need. Dividers that rise to about half the height of the ceiling help organize the room without sacrificing a sense of openness. 

3. Built-in Desks & Shelving  

Homes that lack a designated office may struggle to find a suitable place for family members to complete homework or send work emails. Rather than attempt to find space for a stand-free desk, you may want to consider building one into the wall. While built-in desks and shelving require in-depth home remodeling work, they also offer immense functional benefits — without sacrificing valuable floor space.

If you’re interested in revolutionizing your space, consider these choices for your next home improvement project. By decreasing clutter with visually appealing elements, you’ll find yourself enjoying your home more than ever before.