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Is Public Storage Safe? 3 Safety Features to Look For April 20, 2018

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Is Public Storage Safe? 3 Safety Features to Look For, Columbia Falls, Montana

When considering public storage, security is one of the main features people want. Top-notch professional storage units will offer multiple safety features to ensure that your belongings are secure and everything you place in storage will be there when you come back. What features should you look for? CJ’s Storage in Columbia Falls, MT, shares three amenities they offer so you can have peace of mind.

Look for a Storage Unit That Offers These 3 Safety Features

1. On-Site Security Service

Choose a public storage company that offers on-site security service. 24/7 guards provide extra protection, as they walk the premises periodically and keep watch over the camera systems to prevent any potential problems. 

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2. Structural Integrity

You need to know that you can trust the building you place your belongings in to stay in top shape. That means finding a public storage company that regularly maintains their storage units so they are structurally sound and can’t be easily broken into.

3. Climate Control

Locks and security cameras are important, but so is the environment inside of the public storage units. Issues like high humidity and moisture can wreck your belongings or create mold that may contaminate them. Find a storage unit that offers climate control so your possessions will be heated in the wintertime and cooled in the summer. Dehumidifiers are also important, especially if you have any upholstered or stuffed items that you want to store. 


When you rent a storage unit from a company that maintains their buildings, offers 24/7 on-site security, and provides climate control, you’ll know your property will be in good hands. To learn about the efforts CJ’s Storage makes to keep your belongings safe, call (406) 892-1272. They provide rental units of varying sizes to suit all your storage needs. Visit their website for more information on their safety guarantees for public storage.

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