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A Brief Guide to SR-22 Insurance April 20, 2018

Cookeville, Putnam
A Brief Guide to SR-22 Insurance, Cookeville, Tennessee

If you’ve had your license suspended due to driving without insurance, a DUI, or any other serious infraction, you might qualify for a unique type of coverage called SR-22 insurance. While few know about it, this policy will help you get back on the road lawfully and reestablish your driving record. Lafever Insurance Agency has been providing preferred risk insurance and other policies to their Cookeville, Tennessee, clients for years. Below, their team describes how this unique coverage will get you back behind the wheel.

SR-22 Insurance Explained

What SR-22 Is Used For

sr-22 insuranceIf you’ve received a DUI or caused any traffic violation that results in a suspended license, the state of Tennessee requires you obtain SR-22 coverage before driving again. Also called high-risk insurance, this coverage allows you to keep or reinstate driving privileges. Often, these privileges are court-supervised and monitored by the agency you’re working with.

Why Tennessee Requires It

The state of Tennessee monitors high-risk drivers and their driving activities through their state-registered insurance agency. The insurance company you work with files an SR-22 form on your behalf to the state DMV. This form states you have secured the appropriate amount of insurance. It is the responsibility of the driver and insurance company to submit renewals to the state. Such coverage is often maintained for two or more years and normally has higher premiums than traditional coverage.

How You Qualify

If you are ordered by a court of law to obtain SR-22 insurance, you must locate a qualifying insurance company who will apply on your behalf. They have to maintain the appropriate coverage as required by the DMV or court ruling. Tennessee requires a liability minimum of $25,000 for one person, $50,000 for two or more people, and $10,000 for property damage. 

If you’re unsure of how you might qualify for SR-22 insurance, know that the state of Tennessee requires you seek out the help of a state-authorized insurance agency. The qualified agents at Lafever Insurance Agency understand the requirements of getting you back behind the wheel. They will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you qualify for this coverage. Call them today at (931) 526-3377 or visit their Yelp page for more information. 

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