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Series 3, Part 7: How Does Humidity Accelerate Metal Door Frame Corrosion? October 11, 2018

Brighton, Livingston
Series 3, Part 7: How Does Humidity Accelerate Metal Door Frame Corrosion?, Brighton, Michigan

In their last post about how to avoid a corroded metal door frame, Door Innovation of Brighton, MI, exposed the factors you didn’t know influenced the corrosion process. This time, they’ll discuss an unavoidable part of climate: humidity.

The Question: How Does Humidity Interact With Metal Door Frames?

Business owners in coastal areas need to pay extra attention to their metal door frames. Aside from the detrimental effects of sea spray and a salty environment, humidity is also behind many corroded door frames.

The Answer: It’s Inside Your Door Frame

InCorroded Metal Door Frame a humid environment, water vapor gets everywhere air does, including tiny cracks and gaps — say, the one where your metal frame meets the wall. When temperatures drop at night, water vapor condenses into liquid, leaving the inside of your door frame directly exposed to moisture.  

A metal door frame is typically filled of masonry, a porous, concrete-like material. Water can can be absorbed through this porous material come into contact with the metal. You know the rest: over time, the metal begins to rust.

Luckily, however, the water will typically spare most of your door frame. Due to gravity, it’s often the bottom that sees corrosion. While you can’t nip this process in the bud, you won’t necessarily have to spend thousands replacing a corroded metal door frame. There’s a better option: find the corrosion, cut it out yourself, and replace it with Door Innovation’s Jamb Patch. This pre-sized frame repair part will replace the corroded area of the frame. Using one is far less expensive and time-consuming than replacing the entire frame — and business owners can do it themselves.

Don’t let a corroded metal door frame expose your business to the elements. The Jamb Patch will restore your door to its full function. Get yours today by calling Door Innovation at (810) 227-7111 or visiting their website.