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As a top new Kia car dealer in Georgia Kia Country of Savannah auto dealership has a unique approach to customer service: We treat every customer as an honored guest in our home - every day, every time, without fail! This philosophy has made us one of the most popular dealerships in Savannah GA. We are the preferred choice of many customers from Hilton Head, Brunswick GA and beyond and we work hard to earn your respect and trust. We stand out among other car dealers in Georgia due to our incredibly dedicated staff, our awesome management, and, of course, the high quality of the Kia vehicles themselves. By offering new Kia cars, SUV's and vans at affordable prices, and with our array of auto financing options, we are able to find the perfect vehicle for you and your budget. From Charleston, SC to Jacksonville, FL, and everywhere in between, you simply will not find a better Kia Dealership! Whether you are looking for

3 Clear Signs You Can Afford a New Car April 20, 2018

Liberty City - Summerside - Southover - Richfield, Savannah
3 Clear Signs You Can Afford a New Car, Savannah, Georgia

Buying a new car is a major investment. While many drivers prioritize finding the right model at their local car dealership, it’s crucial to keep your budget in mind. Most cars can be financed by a reliable dealer, but it’s imperative to know exactly what you can afford per month. Before you set out to find your next ride, use the following information to determine if you’re financially stable enough to take on the expense.

3 Signs You’re Financially Qualified to Buy a New Car

1. Solid Credit

When you take out a loan with your local dealership, you’ll be given an interest rate based on your current credit score. When your score falls within the “good” or “great” range (usually between 600–700), you will receive more favorable lending terms. Ideally, your credit score will earn a low interest rate and a short loan term. That way, interest won’t pile up and leave you paying more than necessary for the vehicle.

2. Stable Income

new carBefore buying a car, you’ll need a secure job that allows you to make regular payments. Most loan terms last between four to six years, so before you sign a lease or loan, feel confident in your continued ability to pay monthly debt. When you go to purchase a new car, your dealer will ask for proof of employment and your last few pay stubs. Drivers should also consider the additional costs of car ownership, such as gas, taxes, insurance, and overall maintenance.

3. Research on Financing Options

As a buyer, it’s up to you to find a dealership that will offer an excellent deal. Purchase a new car from a trusted car dealership that offers various financing options. Before you commit to one dealer, discuss your options and current financial standing. This is the time to discuss any requirements or concerns you may have surrounding the loan—like a down payment or interest rate—so the dealer can find the right loan for you. 


Considering a new car in Savannah, GA? Visit Kia Country of Savannah. Whether you’re in the market for a new or used model, their friendly team of experts will help you secure the ideal loan. Offering all of the latest models—including the Kia® Soul, Forte, Cadenza, Optima, and Sorento—you’ll drive home confident and satisfied. For more help, go online or call (912) 629-4906.

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