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5 Simple Tricks for Relieving Stress Almost Anywhere April 20, 2018

Shawano, Shawano
5 Simple Tricks for Relieving Stress Almost Anywhere , Shawano, Wisconsin

Stress affects the whole body. It can cloud the mind, cause us to lose focus, disrupt our sleep, and trigger anxiety when we least expect it. Stress will also lead to physical ailments and can be detrimental to overall health. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, use the following few tricks to fend off anxiety and find stress relief.

5 Ways to Decompress No Matter Where You Are

1. Healthy Meals

Even though stress may make us crave junk or fast food, a healthy diet will bring your body back into balance. Wherever you may be, choose nutrient-dense foods filled with important elements like vitamin B, which is good for mental health. Omega-3 fats also curb depression and anxiety, and whole grains balance serotonin levels.

2. Steady Breathing

Being in tune with your breathing will prevent panic attacks by signaling your brain that everything is okay. When you feel your breaths become rapid and shallow, pay attention to your inhaling and exhaling. Focus on lengthening each breath so your body can relax.

3. Disconnecting

Set aside a few minutes a day to disconnect from technology, work, and everything else around you. Spend those moments in a quiet, comfortable place, and keep noise, television, and other distractions away. Overstimulation increases stress levels, but detoxing a few minutes a day is a simple stress relief technique that will stabilize your mind.

4. Play Time

stress reliefSmiling and laughter will do wonders for your overall mood. To lighten up, call a friend and share a funny story, watch a comedy, or read something silly. Play with children or pets, and let yourself have fun. Taking a break to absorb something humorous or playful will instantly boost your mood.

5. Positive Imagery

When faced with anxiety, use guided imagery to find your center. This stress relief technique involves visualizing the situation in a calm way. Imagine yourself handling current obstacles with ease and you will feel less overwhelmed by them.


Zoe’s Zen Time is the perfect place to visit when you need stress relief. Located in Shawano, WI, Zoe Zimmerman offers relaxing massages, aromatherapy, reiki, and other treatments to reduce anxiety and boost energy levels. As a licensed massage therapist and registered nurse, Zoe will guide you toward relaxation and healing. She also offers discounts for law enforcement, firefighters, and medical professionals. To schedule your next appointment, call (715) 304-6137, or stop by online to learn more about her full list of relaxation services.

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