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5 Necessary Management Skills That Can Be Developed Through Training April 18, 2018

Dix Hills, Huntington
5 Necessary Management Skills That Can Be Developed Through Training, Huntington, New York

There are some intrinsic qualities which can make an individual a great leader, but many are skills which can be developed and refined through training. When leaders focus on strengthening their management skills, it fosters better communication across their entire department, allowing direct reports to better align themselves with the organizational strategy. Some of the most important skills all managers should possess can be built through management training.

5 Critical Management Skills That Can Be Developed With Training

1. Delegation

A great manager knows which projects can be delegated and to whom. To build a foundation of strong delegation techniques, managers must first get to know their employees exceptionally well. This allows them to identify strengths and determine which projects are best suited for each team member.

2. Accountability

Holding teams accountable for outcomes are also linked to effective delegation. To help direct reports deliver on expectations, managers must specify anticipated results, complete with a due date and attainable milestones. They should also check in on progress to hold their people accountable along the way — not just when the project is expected to be finished.

3. Mentoring

Career development is an important factor in an employees’ work life. They want to feel a sense of belonging and see a viable future for themselves in the company. For this reason, it’s essential for managers to take on a mentorship role in which they coach their direct reports to achieve personal goals.

4. Time Management

Learning to manage their time better will help managers avoid feeling as if they are constantly putting out fires. Much of this depends on learning to prioritize. There are many best practices available, such as developing a matrix to identify what is most and least important or urgent to fulfilling business outcomes.

5. Problem Solving

management skills Long Island NYProblem-solving is an area in which managers must excel, but it is also something that many leaders struggle with. To master this critical ability, managers must strike a balance between using instinct and logic to overcome challenges. Quick decision making is often required in managerial roles, which is why successful leaders can “think on their feet.”


Exceptional management skills are not gained overnight, but they can be developed through training and refined in real-life application. If you’d like more information on management training in the Long Island, NY, area, contact Michele Rebetti, at Crestcom KEY Alliance. Give her a call at (631) 704-7300, or visit the website and Facebook page to learn more about corporate training workshops.

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