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4 Classic Casino Games for Themed Events April 18, 2018

South Hackensack, Bergen County
4 Classic Casino Games for Themed Events, South Hackensack, New Jersey

When you want to upgrade your next party, consider hosting a casino themed event. Everyone can dress up for a black tie affair or turn back the clock for a 1920s night of flappers and mobsters. To set the mood and bring everyone together, make sure to schedule casino table rentals. If you’re not sure what games to grab, Royal Entertainment, in South Hackensack, NJ, shares their crowd favorites.

Consider These 4 Casino Table Rentals for Your Next Big Event


People of all ages love waiting for their chance to yell “Blackjack!” and win prizes from sheer luck. This is a great game to offer at your event. Everyone knows how to play or they can learn quickly.  Plus, it offers a game of luck with a little bit of strategy

2. Roulette

It’s mesmerizing to watch the roulette wheel go around as you hope the ball lands on the slot you picked. Superstitious players say to have someone lucky blow on your hand before you toss the ball. Playing this casino table rental will make you feel like you’re in a movie or a ‘20s speakeasy.

3. Texas Hold ‘Em

casino table rentals South Hackensack NJThis classic casino game requires excellent skills of keeping a straight face and reading other people. Play your hand at this casino table rental and hope for a high flush or run in the same suit. You’ll need a little luck to get the cards you need, but the game is equally about not showing your cards by smirking or looking nervous. This is a great game for friends, family, and coworkers alike. 

4. Craps

Then there is craps, the most popular game of chance, offering ups and downs, cheers and moans.  Here is why craps is a great game for your next event.  First, it requires no skill or strategy to win, you simply roll the dice.  Next, Craps has great odds of winning, better than poker or roulette.  Lastly, there are so many possible outcomes you can play craps for hours with nearly limitless possibilities.

Bring your upcoming party up a notch with a casino theme and casino table rentals. You’ll set the atmosphere of friendly competition with these fancy, fun setups and keep everyone entertained, making the night a memorable one. To talk with Royal Entertainment about renting casino tables or throwing a themed party, call (973) 826-7011. Visit the website for information on their additional games like the money wheel, craps, baccarat, and blackjack.

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