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How Does Small Group Fitness Training Differ From One-on-One? April 18, 2018

North Beacon Hill, Seattle
How Does Small Group Fitness Training Differ From One-on-One?, Seattle, Washington

In the past, one-on-one training has been the norm for getting a more personalized workout. However, in more recent years, people have been shifting over to small group training because of its many benefits. While both methods are effective, they differ in many ways. If you are considering working with a trainer, the team at Ishifit in Seattle, WA, is here to share their knowledge about these two fitness programs to help you decide which is better for you.

What Is One-on-One Training?

Small Group TrainingPersonal training is when you meet a trainer by yourself and receive tips on how to set and reach personal fitness goals. They will help you create personalized workouts and may even suggest a diet plan to follow for better results. Overall, most one-on-one training programs give people the tools to continue their health regimen even without the supervision of a trainer.

What Is Small Group Training?

Contrarily, small group training is done with a group of less than ten other people and focuses on high-intensity workouts. Working out in a small group is perfect for those who enjoy the motivation that comes along with exercising in a group. Rather than trying to go at it alone, it becomes a social event that is also great for your health. Small group training also tends to be less expensive than having a personal trainer. If you’re not sure if training at a gym is the right option, this allows you to try it out with fewer risks and greater motivation.

Changing your lifestyle is not easy, but it can be done with a good training plan and motivation. With assistance from either group or personal training at Ishifit, you can set realistic goals and achieve them. Whether you prefer one-on-one or small group training, there is something for everyone. For examples of workouts, visit their website. Call (206) 250-7509 to ask about training availability.